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Free Plans and Drawings for model Airplanes
This page is dedicated to assist you in finding plans for model plane you maybe looking for.  A search tool is provided below to help expedite the search on this site. This collection will vary in type of planes that can be found. Some are original concepts and others are historic popular designs.

3 view drawings  a collection of 3 view drawings with the common , top, side and front views.

Conventional models   build up construction type, mostly conventional wood construction and other materials.

Foam models   the latest rave in plane construction using foam materials like DEPRON, EPP, with carbon fiber rods.

I tried to organize the drawings by type of construction and categorized them into plane type.
Some files are from forums I participate in where the members have collected and organized the plans from the forum onto one thread.  I do not take credit for their efforts as they have done a great job doing so. My reason for this is to facilitate a preview to serve as thousand words to describe the plane.  Some of the links will open a new page to the actual forum thread where the files can be downloaded and you can read the thread on further development from other members. I figured this is my only way in being fair to the owner of his creation. If you find your picture included here without any copyright credit (or with an incorrect one), please report immediately and contact me and a prompt correction will be made.
I am constantly finding more places with astonishment, The direction of model plane development is becoming more easily available geared for fun. The skill to build some of these vary, some are simple enough to build in an evening ready for flight the next day.  The advancements in the technologies with electric brushless motors and new light weight batteries have made this possible to experiment and enjoy the hobby with instant gratification of new designs.
Below illustrate samples of file type and formats and some like DWG and DXF format native to AutoCAD will require having AutoCAD or other programs supporting this format. The drawings where collected from various places out of curiosity. Feel free to download them by clicking on the links.  Also I can make available some PDF files for those without CAD software.
If you are interested in CAD programs visit my design tools page for more details.  
Another option is are FREE viewer that will allow you to view and print the document.
Some drawings are ZIPed. You may need WINZIP to access the files, and for the PDF ACROBAT READER is needed.
Contributions are welcome.  Like to share drawings ?
 Please send comments with a short description and  I will process it by adding it to the appropriate library  
Submit your Drawings Here
Format DWG 3D
Appears to be highly detail.
Very well done!
Format DWG 3D
General  shape without details.
A good 3D model
Format DWG 2D
3 view detailed drawing.
Very well done!
Also in PDF format
Foils sections
detailed drawings
Format DXF & DWG
The DWG format are from my collection they are more detailed and constructed with a graph provided also
Model parts
Format DWG 2D
A small collection of electric parts.
Links to other sources
Listed below are links to other site where free plans can be found.
Hip Pocket Aeronautics Forum  has a nice plan library well thought out.
Plans Downloads   A collection of  plans worth looking into    has free plans for your enjoyment
McAffrey Aircrafs  Here are plans for R/C planes. A nice collection.
AirboatFlyingSHP  a collection of links on RC Groups forum listing flying boats by Airboatflyinhshp nice work
AIRPLANE MODEL PLANS   ALL FREE to do nothing more than to promote the great hobby of modeling.  2700 plans available and it includes a searchable database with an ordering system
Aircraft Conceptual Design  Drawings & Pictures  Made available by Lockheed, Rockwell, AIAA, and others, a great collection  some excellent Free airplane plan downloads
Earl Stahl Plans PUBLISHED MODEL DESIGNS By Jim Alaback    Nice collection of historic and forgotten planes.
F4B Scale Magic  Hand Launched Glider Plans
Gripen  a site with a downloadable DXF foam plan of the Gripen (Euro fighter jet)
Luft '46  This site has many interesting historical values on the early designs of  Horten and Leppisch.
Parker Information Resources  a great collection of historical values with 3 view drawings.
Plans from WILLIAM  SCHWARTZ  Has a very nice collection of CAD vintage planes.  I have copies in my vintage library.  This site is for game building tools, however it has a collection of links where to find 3 view plans. great stuff.  Huge selection of top quality plans at reasonable prices
Wright Brothers Aero plane Company and Museum  a forum for early aviation historians and enthusiasts.
THE DIY FREE PLANS LIST by JAM  @ RC Groups  nice job, a collection of plans for foam scratch builds fun stuff
EDF FOAMY JETS THREAD LISTS & FREE PLANS!!  by RCParkflyer @ RC Group, nice collection form the forum
Plans For Scratchbuilt Foamies  by LOGICAL_PSYCHO @ RC Group, nice collection form the forum
Free RC Model Planes Plans  A very large collection about 11127 listed file for download DXF, DWG, and other formats
The RC Cook Book - Free Plans for RC Aircraft  Plans come from a variety of authors and may vary greatly in detail and quality.  -  Radio controlled vehicles  Easy-Build RC Airplane Plans  -  Radio controlled vehicles  Free Intermediate and Advanced RC Airplane Plans
Virtual Aircraft Museum  An extensive collection of historic value with images and 3 view drawings
FREE RC PLANS   dedicated site for RC models  plans
Wings   Plans 3-vues/ 3-views drawings  A page to find 3 view drawings
3D CAD Browser  A great source of 3D models The FREE Plan is base on a trade one for one if  yours is accepted.
WINGS PALETTE  a Russian site with a large database of model airplane drawings. Interesting index structure.
FLIGHTDECS AIRCRAFT DECALS  This title says it all
3D models

3 view drawings
B-24J Liberator
Format PNG 2D
3 view detailed drawing.
Very well done!
Conventional Model
Format  DXF  2D
4 controls
Nicely detailed
By   Richard C. Bradford
Foam Model
F6F  Hellcat
Format  GIF  2D plan
detailed drawing.
Very well done!
P-51D  Mustang
Format  PDF plan
For instruction you need to see the thread
Little Go Bipe
Format  PDF plan
By  MAGIC612