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A10 Warthog
Format  DFX  3D model
Heinkel He162 Salamander
Format  DWG  2D
Nicely detailed
Grumman X-29
Format  DWG  2D plan
By Carl I. Layden
Nicely detailed
Mirage 2000
Format  DXF  2D plan
Nicely detailed
Force 10
Format  DXF  2D plan
By Dan Marlowe
Nicely detailed
Avro Arrow
Format DWG 2D
A 2D detailed drawing of
the Arrow and some data.
Also in PDF format
EDF model planes plans
This FREE collection of drawings are links to plans for EDF model planes for your enjoyment.
Click on the links to lead you to the source.
Some files are from forums I participate in where the members have collected and organized the plans from the forum onto one thread.  I do not take credit for their efforts as they have done a great job doing so. My reason to assembling this is a picture serve as thousand words to describe the plane. I figure this would be the same for others.  Most of the links will open a new page to the actual forum thread where the files can be downloaded and you can read the thread on further development from other members. I figured this is my only way in being fair to the owner of his creation.