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My love for planes started when I was small (9 years old). It began one X-mass when I received a model airplane, a B-17 bomber. I was intrigue with the detail it had. I hurried to my room and began to built it. It was not long after I had finished the model plane. I had some experience building plastic models cars, and the experience showed with the B-17. I hung it up in my room, and in bed at night the sight inspiring my dreams.

As I grew older in Montréal South Shore (Brossard), I began to build rubber band powered planes, something all boys have done one time or an other. I progressed onto larger ones with an understanding of the basic aerodynamics theory. This lead to gas powered planes. I began building my first .049 COX PT trainer U-control. I flew it in the nearby school yard. I remember the first time, when I started up the motor and what a thrill it was.  Not to long after flying my PT trainer I was visited by many kids in the neighborhood investigating the strange sound, it must have been a first. From then on I was hooked.  The planes grew larger an so did the motors.

On my sixteenth birthday my parents bought me my first R/C (remote control) plane, the EAGLE 63 sport trainer.  I still have the plans for it. I was so excited, because this was to be the beginning of new skills. I spent some time building this monster of a plane, a 63" wing span, the largest ever for me. I visited a hobby store near by a few times, some 8 miles away,  to get the necessary hardware for the plane. It was easy finding the place, because there where not too many around then. I liked going there because the gentleman who own the store was using his store as a work shop and I got to see how it was done by a veteran. This is a characteristic that most hobby store have in common. the owners have a workshop, and some are in a bck room somewhere. I discovered a flying club through flyers posted on the bulletin board in the hobby store, this is one good way to find the local clubs. In the 70's there where not many in Montréal South Shore. I rode my bike to the location advertised some 12 miles north of our township. There it was by an old broken down abandoned farm.  In a nearby field, where some older gents flying their WW1 bi-planes. This was the sweetest sight for me, to see these beautiful planes dancing in the air remotely. At this time I did not own a radio system.  I spent the hole day watching the planes take off from the harden clay dirt road into the air, climbing up to the clear blue sky. I dreamed of my own some day. That evening, I road my bike back home and dreamed of getting my own radio. I approached my father that evening and describe to him how I spent my day and invited him to see this for himself. This was my way to possibly instigate my father in buying a radio transmitter set for me. Well I must have done a good job, because that following week he drove out with me to the field to investigate.  It was not to long after that he went across the border (USA)  to visit relative, where he made an attempt in buying a radio set, but, his credit card was not accepted in that store, this was a great disappointment for me when I hear of his attempt. That summer I will never forget. A long time has gone by before I was able to fly R/C.  Some year later, I joined the Air Cadets when I was 14 year of age where I was introduced to gliding. This was the climax of my flying career. Unfortunately I have not flown in a private air craft since. I plan to do this again if it is the last thing I do.

Some years later my parent moved to Toronto. I began searching for hobby stores, I was not very successful. Time went on some more, I had move out of my parent home At the age of 20 into my own apartment there I was able to afford my first radio. I shop around, and found a store where I bough my first radio. Now it was time to fly, but there was a problem. Where was I going to fly my planes?  It turns out you need to be in a club to fly motorize model planes.  There is usually a club membership fee and an association fee, (MACC) that doubles up as insurance.  Insurance?... Think of this, it has been known that a gas model airplane has gone through a car radiator. This makes a good reason for the need of insurance. The good thing in being a member of a club is, it comes with free flying lessons. You do not want to loose a plane. This can happen very quickly if you are not familiar with aerodynamics, or the way the plane reacts when it changes direction when flying towards you. All actions on the radio is opposite.  I learned these things quickly, and crashed a few planes learning it. This encouraged me to improved my building skills to build a stronger and simpler design.  I was prepared to damage a few plane before I earn my wings.

Half the fun is building the plane, and the other, is flying it.  Now, designing has become my new passion. I am fascinated by Canards, FLYING Wings and Lifting Bodies. Canard aircrafts are planes with the tail in front, it looks like the plane is flying backward. The Write Brother's first plane was a Canard. I have a model of it hanging from my bedroom ceiling, among other planes. I still do that... : )

I am presently designing and building electric planes only, because I find them cleaner and quieter than gas, also easier to maintain.  With today's technologies electric planes have been known to fly for up to half an hour.  I can fly them almost anywhere undetected. This allows me to fly in big open fields on holidays camping trips. It is like flying a stunt kite which I also like doing on a good windy day, unrestricted.

BetterFly  .... ~v~ ...  : )    Pierre Lindeman


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