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Plans for foam model planes

This collection of links to plans for foam model planes are free for your enjoyment, click on the image to link you to the source. I am constantly finding more places each day with astonishment, the direction of the development of the toy plane becoming more easily available geared for fun. The skill to build one of these vary, but some of them are simple enough to be build in an evening ready for flight the next day.  The technology in the advancements and experiments with electric brushless motors along with new light weight batteries have made this possible for all to enjoy.


I will try to share my findings.  A good source from my favorite forums 


THE DIY FREE PLANS LIST by JAM  @ RC Groups  nice job, a collection of plans for foam scratch builds fun stuff


My mod from the Harpy Cat


The Harpy DART


EDF FOAMY JETS THREAD LISTS & FREE PLANS!!  by RCParkflyer @ RC Group, nice collection form the forum




A good introduction of the caliber of that is available on the WEB, a selection from Total E  RC has capture the essence of some favorite jets and classic old timer in details to the design This is one part of the spectrum out there.






International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites

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