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Plans and Drawings

The drawing illustrated below are DWG format native to AutoCAD. They where collected from various places out of curiosity.
Feel free to download them by clicking on the image.  I have also made some PDF files for those without CAD software.
If you are interested in CAD programs visit my
design tools page for more details. 

Another option is a FREE viewer that will allow you to view and print the document.

The drawings are ZIPed. You may need WINZIP to access the files, and for the PDF ACROBAT READER is needed.

Contributions are welcome.  Do you have drawings you would like to share?
 with a short description and the file I will process it and add it to the collection. 

Links to other sources




From a TV series called Space Above & Beyond.
The primary fighter craft of Earth forces is the SA-43 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Attack Jet, commonly called the "Hammerhead" because of its nose, which resembles that of a hammerhead shark.

This one will be a project some time soon !



Format DWG 3D

Appears to be highly detail.

Very well done!

Format DWG 3D

General  shape without details.

A good 3D model



Format DXF 3D

basic but does get the job done

Download Bipe Plane  59KBBipe plane
Format DWG 3D

A 3D bipe plane that could be used for a working model



Format DWG 3D

The 3D Romulan Warbird make this fly if you can

This may prove to be challenging :)

Cessna Caravan
A 2D detailed drawing and some data.

Also in
PDF format




Format DWG 2D

2D detailed drawing.
Very well done!

Also in PDF format

Piper Dakota
A 2D detailed drawing of the dash board.

Also in
PDF format




Foils sections
detailed drawings
Format DXF & DWG

The DWG format are from my collection they are more detailed and constructed with a graph provided also

Model parts
Format DWG 2D

A small collection of electric parts.






More plans in a variety of forms     Sport       Trainer       Ducted Fan       Vintages      Gliders     

Links to other sources

My Archives This will point to an introduction to my design notes. Have fun !!! More free electric foamie plans!     has free plans for your enjoyment

McAffrey Aircrafs I stumbled on this site. Here are plans for R/C planes. A nice collection.

A. A. Lidberg Model plan services

AirboatFlyingSHP a collection of links on RC Groups forum listing flying boats by Airboatflyinhshp nice work

There is NO charge ALL FREE to do nothing more than to promote the great hobby of modeling.

Allen Hunt's Model Airplane Plans 2700 plans available and it includes a searchable database with an ordering system

Aircraft Conceptual Design Drawings & Pictures  Made available by Lockheed, Rockwell, AIAA, and others, a great collection  some excellent Free airplane plan downloads

Carlo Godel's Website Remarkable site with "Cottage Wings" extensive list of sources for model airplane plans, supplies, kits, tools and much more.

DIY FREE PLANS LIST for foammies  nice job done by JAM at RC Groups

Earl Stahl Plans PUBLISHED MODEL DESIGNS By Jim Alaback Nice collection of forgotten planes also some history on the planes
Free Internet Free Flight Plans Download Sites A directory of sites where plans can be found.

F4B Scale Magic Hand Launched Glider Plans  a nice collection of foam planes in DWG and DXF format

Gripen  a site with a downloadable fighter foam plane plan

Louis Cimon Directory to R/C glider plans

Luft '46  This sit I have found many interesting historical values on the early designs of Horten and Leppisch.  This site has a large library of 3 view drawings.

Parker Information Resources  I stumbled in to this site and found a great collection of 3 view drawings with some data on the planes.

Plans from WILLIAM  SCHWARTZ  Has a very nice collection of CAD vintage planes.  I have copies in my vintage library.

R/C Blueprints  FREE plans, Articles, Reviews, Forum

Smooth Air  an electric R/C plane website, there are plans for download here  This site is for game building tools, however it has a collection of links where to find 3 view plans. great stuff.  Huge selection of top quality plans at reasonable prices

Wright Brothers Aero plane Company and Museum of Pioneer Aviation is a forum for early aviation historians and enthusiasts, a living document that grows and evolves.  Here you will find drawing of the Wright brothers planes.







International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites

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