Canard planes concepts and swept back wing formation make for a superb Blended Wing Body aircraft design.




The Concepts



Generally Canard planes are interesting. They are unconventional because in the early 1900 both Canards and Hybrids where replaced by the rear horizontal tails surface. Even the Wright brothers abandoned  the Canard concept with their Model B. The reason for this change are obscured; a reasonable speculation is with the daring aerobatic aviators of the day found the rear tailed configuration more agile. it could stall and spin, the canard could not!   WW I "dog fighting" certainly favored the conventional layout.

It wasn't until 1975 at the Experimental Aircraft Association's Annual convention at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, that Burt Rutan introduced his "VariEze" a homebuilt composite construction Canard.  Rutan updated the aviation history with his Canard concepts, with ultra lights and gliders to transport and fighters. In October 1983, Beech unveiled their "Starship I" the "Canard Age " has begun. Canard planes are more stable and not prone to stall. This is one of the features I am incorporating into my concepts designs.

XBow By FoamFlyXBow By FoamFly, a futuristic Speed 400 Park flyer with Forward Swept Wings. (FSW). Also some interesting information on how to build foam planes.



Also a canard concept design I plan one day to turn this into a project.
From a TV series called Space Above & Beyond.
The primary fighter craft of Earth forces is the SA-43 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Attack Jet, commonly called the "Hammerhead" because of its nose, which resembles that of a hammerhead shark.





This concept is the simples, just a wing, a swept back formation. An aircraft without a fuselage reduces drag and promotes the use of smaller power trains with bigger payloads. However there are some disadvantages, yaw control. The ability to turn without slipping sideways. A vertical tail (rudder) or winglet are the solution to the problem.

My favorite R/C model is the ZAGI-400 With this plane I was able to have fun, it was forgiving and it took a beating. A simple plane to build and fun to fly. 

A grate influence on my designs are from Lippisch's the grandfather of the delta
my favorite the Gotha Go-229 Flying Wing Ahead of it's time  by the Horten brothers    

Horten IX (Gotha Go 229) in detail

Horten/Gotha Ho IX/Go 229

Detailed notes on the Horten

The Horten project



Lifting Body & Blended Wing BodyBWB 17 Blended Wing Body (BWB)

The Lifting body is a concept that has been around since 1920's with much speculation and hypothesis why it was not conventional for commercial use. Vincent Burnelli, a Texan who did some of his best work on Long Island, developed his "lifting-body" design in the 1920s and built a number of successful planes on this principle throughout the 1930s. Take a good look at some of Burnelli's Lifting Bodies the theory behind is that the fuselage can contribute at least 50 per cent of the airplane's lift if it is shaped like an airfoil. The Canadian Car & Foundry's B-2000B Super Bomber is an example of that being put to use to carry a greater payload. In present times NASA has been reviewing the concept for re-entry vehicle (space gliders) to Earth. The airliners also have done studies on this revolutionary configuration,  called BWB for short (Blended Wing Body) was conceived by the McDonnell Douglas Corporation. Its thick flying wing shape using a thick airfoil body replacing the tube body prove to be a better candidate for large cargo management and hence the airfoil shape or lifting properties so an aircraft could be wingless. It was some time back I had found an article on this very nature, an ultra light kit using this concept. The Facetmobile is the inspiring concept for my designs for a small amphibious sport plane the Ductling.



Amphibious hydroplane

The amphibious planes have been a concept to add more places a plane can go.  In the late 40's to extend the range over the seas, airliners explored use of amphibious aircraft. This was quickly discouraged when the jet age dominated airspace.    

Ram-Wing X-114 has influenced the purpose of my dream.  To create a family sport plane to travel the Canadian northern territories hence the Ductlings a canard aircraft.

Blended Wing Body (BWB) concepts

Atlantica 5 Place All composite Simplebuild™ kit
BWB-17 blended-wing-body project by McDonnell Douglas Corporation involves the development of a large commercial aircraft concept, capable of carrying 800+ passengers

Some more interesting views by Joe Mizrahi:  Which Way The World's Next Generation Airliner?

Airline competitors on the blended BWB concept

My new project the VeeBee a small hydroplane craft.



My Archives

You will find my concepts are influenced and based on the concepts above.

Over the years I have played with the idea that I will create the ultimate plane.  :-) 
Maybe not the most practical by standards but fun to think this unique way. Ever since I was little, the dream to fly has stuck with me. It wasn't till I was able to buy my first radio that the designing began. The goal was to design and build the model plane that will fulfill my dream of personal flight. An ultra light that will allow me to fly freely and land almost anywhere in the north. First build the model plane to test the theory then build a  full scale when ready. Here you will find my notes, sketches for all and any design ideas I have dreamed up. 

The SEAHAWK     now becoming the DUCTLING





Material about aerodynamics of model airplanes
A great place on some history on Wig and Lifting bodies, good collection of pictures.
Unreal Aircrafts Some historical insight on unusual concepts a site promoting a safer airline option "Lifting body" airliners.
Stingray - the first pneumatic airplane of the world
Ocean Mirage is an Aerofoil Boat.
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Conceptual design layout drawings and pictures


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