D-WAV II refinements



The last D-WAV 1 contributed to some modifications in construction and to improving the glide flight path.  With this static model, the new discoveries made from the last models where implemented. Improvements where made to the exhaust, the winglet, and foil profile to share the same angle of attack.

More care was taken in setting up the correct height of each component with support posts. This ensured the foils where at the shared angle of attack.

 The step to improve the exhaust was first by making a plug of the “Duct-Vane“ exhaust and use it to assist in the molding paper into shape. I discovered by wetting the paper at the folding point it was much more malleable at taking the shape. I let the paper dry before I started to use one part water to one part carpenter glue mixture. Placing the new piece of paper into the mixture and wiping off the excess, I then apply several layers with a smaller version of the fist, about four layers for this scale. As I place each layer I squeeze out excess glue by rubbing it with a smooth surfaced tool like a metal tube. This ensures that there is no air gap between each layers and makes for a better bond.  When dried the glue acts as a reinforcement agent, thereby a rigid structure is created.

 The Duct-Vane is constructed of three parts the inlet the top exhaust shroud and the bottom shroud joining piece. Using the plug as the guide for assembly the process is much easier and accurate.

These methods will be used as a guide line to construct the next test plane.  I am looking forward to making this work.




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