Concept sketches of the SNOWHAWK

The SNOWHAWK  is a knock off  the Dragon Moth by converting it into a bi-plane on ski, in the attempt to add more lift and be a winter flyer.








Dragon Moth

A direct descendant of the Locus with a bottom winglet acting as a sleigh the idea was to be able to use this plane in the northern territories in the snow.









The Origin of the Dragon-Sleigh came fro the Dragon Moth. The sleigh part came from the Dragon Moth's bottom wing, here it grew some more doubling up as the sleigh. The  name came from the sketch where the profile resembled a dragon head, hence the Dragon-Sleigh.

2006 Oct. I revisited this drawing due to a vision from a new model I was developing, in fact it is the Dragon-Sleigh in foam This version has since morphed into a new design in the attempt to simplify the design for the model.










The WitchWay is the first concept of the Snow Hawk. A by-plane that designed to land on snow or ice.









The concept of a ski plane was reworked once more.


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