Concept sketches of the SEAHAWK

The SEAHAWK was at the birth of BetterFly when I decided to create a line of plane for sport leisure. The concept for the SEAHAWK is an amphibious aircraft or puddle jumper,  a small one or two passenger craft, a lightweight ultra light perhaps.  In 1992 I made an attempt to build a model of this plane.  The lack of funds and fan unit where not yet obtainable for electric systems.









The first of my designs to have materialized into a glider.

This concept based on the WRIGHT flyer  a canard was used for a small ultra light flyer.  A scale model was built as a glider and flew well.  This was later buil into my first RC concept model.  Back then my skills where practically non existent.




One of many wire frame models.  This was made some time after I had already built the glider in attempt to recapture the model. A phase in sculpturing with wire.









Dragon Moth

A direct descendant of the Locus with a bottom winglet acting as a sleigh the idea was to be able to use this plane in the northern territories in the snow.









Investigating a version of the Locus as a glider.   Maybe  : )




The FIREFLY was the beginning of the concept. I was partially inspired by the HAMMERHEAD from a TV series called Space Above & Beyond.  This is probably the root of the X-DLB-0.




The original shape in keeping afloat on water using a wedge paper airplane approach with forward sweep wings. 




SeaHawk II

investigating retractable wings. Just an idea.




SeaHawk II

This ketch was a repeat of the last with some details I was thinking about.




This is the main CAD drawing on the development of the SeaHawk.  Also from this drawing the first attempt to build an R/C version was in the making. The propulsion system was my problem. At the time Duct Fan units where being investigated for electric power, not ready for me yet. I began to work on the shroud for the fan.  My knowledge of materials where limited.  I was looking at fiberglass to build with.

This now has influenced the design for the Dragon-Sleigh.









Drive the fan

In this sketch, an attempt in working out a drive shaft for a fan unit. This was before I had real exposure to electric ducted fans.

A crude model was built, proved not successful.












With a fan unit in airframe configuration fo the SEAHAWK would be a problem with the water entering the fan unit. Also vector thrusting was investigated, possibly based on the F117.





Here is the concept in making it wider





working out some details for landing





BetterFly is being conceived. The logo first appearance.


After this, I began to work on the LOGO in the computer





A phase in sculpturing with wire frame models



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