Archive sketches of my concepts

It begins in 1985 where I decided I wanted to build my own sport leisure craft (ultra light) that would allow me to travel from lake to lake up in northern CANADA.  The dream goes on.....     These sketches below are a collection of ideas and concepts that lead in building some model aircrafts, a means to an end, working on making the dreams come true.

Some where just Ideas, still fun to play with. I though this would be a good place to record my visions and share them.









Ultra light-ANGEL

This was the first concept craft.  No bigger than a hand glider, a solid wig structure and cockpit also motorized.  Derived from the wing configuration of the carving Angel (also a sketch) A simple ultra light. A model was built and was not completed, became a display hung in my living room for some time.     Picture of it here.

Unknowingly at the time this was the bases for the DUCTLING's. It support the wing configuration concept that is prominent in all my designs.











Studying the basic space requirements for a cockpit shape. Also looking at a way to place the wheel. eventually the wheel ended up behind the pilot.










Ultra light

An attempt in building a model as an ultra light. This was to encompass a home made drive shaft soldered to the electric motor geared 2:1 driving a pusher prop, built and working.

The model was started, constructed with 1/4" dowels making up the frame structure. but was not able to complete the project due to relocation the model was damaged.










Fox Batt

A twin boom spot flyer. Fun design.











A simple wing with double boom tail.











Similar to the Combat Charger.
By extending the wing tips and powered with a fan unit











A glider with pusher folding prop. The concept here is to save the prop by making the body (fuselage) taller than the lowest reach of the prop.










E-glide II

A reconfigured E-Glide
With a new development fan unit in wing (duct-tail?)











Duct Wing

This was an attempt in designing a simple wing with  a fan unit.

The duct-tail was not yet realized, but I was working out means to control the trust direction with the Duct Wing.










A sturdy stick design. The plane I learned to fly with. A sport trainer with plenty of room for gear.  A gas version.  The Horsefly is the electric version.

The drawing is available here.

Gas 40       50"  wings







Drag-N-Fly II

Same as the first with the boom higher.   This was not built, but was design to simplify the construction process.

The drawing is available here.

Gas 40     50" wings









Popfly sketch

Looking at an alternative in building the fuselage with pop bottles for the stick concept.












Worked out. intended for gas powered, but could suit better electric.

The drawing is available here.

intended for speed 600







This is all there is of it. The out come is the Horsefly.  A model was built and flown, however was not successful it was made out of scrap leftover parts. My first venture into electric power.










The CAD version. This plane was built to help me learn to fly.  It Built it to be strong and sturdy. I was able to configure it as a glider or a sport flyer by using different type wings. The fuselage was fiberglass with a bayonet battery setup.

The drawing is available here.

Speed 600 setup 7cells







Horsefly II

Not keeping with conventional fuselage. This concept is closer to a stick type design. The body is to house the components and reducing the vertical height. A bayonet like battery saddle allowing to quickly change the battery pack for the next flight.








Horsefly II servo mount

Detail on the servo cradle.







Horsefly II

Extended nose to allow room for a much needed receiver.









Electric breakers

In  the attempt to streamline the design to provide a simple effective way to place an accessible breaker in the model

This was first implemented with  the Horsefly as part of the bayonet battery setup.









This plane was inspired from an observation at my flying club. One member brought a small class competition glider. You launch it by hand as high possibly and try to catch a thermal from the ground. That is challenging. The name came from my wife, a cat's claw from the shape of the nose, that stuck.









Was influenced by the horsefly design a similar configuration.









The CAD model not completed. The plane was built and flown.








Kleinberg modifications

I read an article where the Kleinberg wing was modified for electric, but this was a solid wing.  I wanted to make it more transportable by splitting it up into two parts.
A center body part would house the motor and other components.  This was  the first concept sketch to work out the layout.

A speed 600 wing design w/ pusher folding prop.








Kleinberg modifications for Airtronics

This sketch was base on some of my new hardware I had purchased. The Airtronics Infinity was able to the servo mixing need for this type of configuration electronicly.

A speed 600 wing design w/ pusher folding prop.









The V-Disk was derived from the Dragon-Sleigh in attempt to add a fan unit and more wing surface.  A V-Tail configuration this will be added to the family of V-Tails.

A speed 400 design









This concept is building the fuselage and tail configured to a V-tail.  The prototype was built and prop driven. This version is with a fan unit.

A speed 400 design








Sparrow-E frame

I decided to build a prototype. The first was a balsa buildup. Build two of these and the join tem into a "V" configuration making for a fuselage a tail, add some bulkheads and there you have it, all you need is a wing.  The next generation will be out of Fan fold foam.

The drawing is available here.

A speed 400 design









Was never built but became the concept for the KomBatt












The preliminary design. bases on a Russian combat design. The nose was merged with the wings or aerodynamic reasons becoming a simple BWB (blended wing body) design











The CAD preliminary drawing. Configuration of the components.

Design for a speed 600 with a long geared folding prop setup

Built and flown 38" wing span








3D model worked out the construction
Is an excellent aerobatic sport plane it goes where you point it and fast.

The drawing is available here.

Design for a speed 400 setup
Built and flown 30" wing span








3D model worked out the construction
This was my version of a rudder less gas design found in a magazine. I design this for a speed 400. This concept uses the thinned out body to simulate the ruder, lire an electric eel.

Design for a speed 400 setup








This was my first sketch of a pusher electric inspired by the Astro Blaster a rocket launched flyer.

Design for a speed 400 setup








This was the result of some one asking if there was drawing for the Astro Blaster.  Astro stop making the flyer.  I decides to convert it to an electric design.

The drawing is available here.

Design for a speed 400 setup







Canard-wing detail

A wing detail for the canard.











An unusual idea, the concept is to use the design fro the Buck Rogers show from the 70's. A twin hull with the power train and a center wing.











Angel memories

A sketch from memory of the Angel carving I did some years ago.
The concept was a winged object (angel) and some mythical properties from the Egyptians. Quite a story huh !!!












Investigating a configuration for a fan unit. Using the basic concept of the Angel, I played with the idea of making it fly.












My concept craft is being considered for development

Trying to put some relationship with the Ductling..



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