Ultra light-ANGEL

This model was an attempt in making a dream come true.  Here is the only sketch found on this project.    A sketch done in 1985.    I created a working drawing to build from, however, like most of us (modelers) I used the drawing to lay the parts onto the drawing as a template, this probably contributed to the destruction of original drawing through wear and tear.

As I mentioned this model is the grandfather of the DUCTLING's unknowingly at the time 1987, this was the bases for the DUCTLING's.  It support the wing configuration concept that is prominent in all my designs.

It wasn't till I was building the VeeBee D-I I realized the similarities in the basic frame structure concept was revealed.

This particular model was influences by an article in Popular Science Dec. 1977 The Ram-Wing X-114, a Leppisch design. It uses the air trapped in the narrow space between its underside and the water surface to hover over the water as it flies.  This alone influence my desire to create a plane that would use this to get the plane out of the water faster. Hence the wing configuration.



Trying out for size

This design did not have the amphibian concept in mind yet.   My skills in design where limited at the time.  I wanted to keep the wing simple.  A look from the bottom reveals the bird like silhouette another constituent of my signature.  The wings had the ability to change angle of attack by moving them up or down, shown in the first picture with the down position.  This was influenced from the X-114, creating a funnel affect that would result in trapping the air near the surface for landing and take offs.  As in the original sketch the motor was facing forward, with the model this was changed.


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