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Sport planes

Sport planes come in a variety of configurations to do aerobatic flights. This type of plane is probably the favorite.
My collection is small since I am a novice at best. I am still learning to make those barrel rolls.
Here are my  planes that fit this category of sport. My preference in configuration is with CANARD, SIMPLE WING, LIFTING BODIES now reintroduced in a new concept as the BLENDED WING BODIES (BWB)

Combat planes

Combat planes come in a variety of configuration. They are built to combat with one and other. By attaching a ribbon to the tail of the plane, this will trail behind when for the other plane to shred. The objective is to shred (cut) a ribbon as close to the other planes tail as possible. Sound like fun.....    This is some thing I would like to do when my aerobatic skills get better.


A design influenced by an article I read on a Russian combat R/C planes.  The airfoil is symmetrical. A simple design using the Blended Wing Body (BWB) concept. My attempt to build a solid light structure that can take a beating and be maintained easily proven to be successful, I ended up with this. A fast maneuverable BWB concept, the Kombatt.       
You are welcome to use the CAD drawing it was created in 3D.  
Click on the image to download.     

Also you may need CAD software or a FREE viewer try this Design Tools.

$ view larger   $ view larger   $ view larger
  • Balsa built-up

  • 27" wingspan

  • 20" long

  • 18oz. complete

  • Speed 400 6V. motor

  • 15 amp ESC

  • Master Air crew 5-1/2" x 4 prop

  • 8 cell 500AE battery pack




As time has change the construction option of plane building, a new material has stepped into a new age. Foam construction has become more popular than ever due to its simplicity and a wide variety of type of foam that can be used. Also the technologies with batteries and new motors have greatly influence the possibilities of making foam construction.  with all this said a new KOMBATT was design with the new technologies.   It is basically the same design as a pusher.  This choice was made due to my inability to fly well as a sport flyer.  You see... as a pusher I save more propellers and motors this way.

See details of the build

  • Foam block cut by hot wire  

  • 27" wingspan

  • 20" long

  • 14oz. complete all installed

  • Brushless motor

  • 18 amp ESC

  • Master Air crew 5-1/2" x 5 prop

  • 1500 mAh lI-Po battery   

  • 15-20 min. flights


An affordable and forgiving sport flying wing I consider a must have. Lots of fun.!!!  This plane is my test plane for learning new tricks.  Easy to fix, probably the only plane that can crash and fix to fly again repeatedly.

  • foam wings

  • 30" wingspan

  • 18" long

  • 22oz. complete

  • Speed 400 6V. motor pusher

  • 15 amp ESC

  • Master Air crew 5-1/2" x 4 prop pusher

  • 8 cell 500AE battery pack

A great WEB site with lots of support             Your ZAGI


ZAGI RASOR 400 modified as a brushless

The ZAGI RASOR is the backbone of my flying skills. It has bestowed upon me the confidence to fly with more fun. The fact that this plane is resilient to damage and can be flown after substantial crashing get repair and back in the air in the same day has made this my favorite.  Now with the new technologies in brushless motors and Li-Po batteries I can now get up to 20 min flights.  The motors are smaller and more powerful. The same can be said for the batteries.


Astro Blaster

A Canard pusher modified. Originally a rocket motor was used to propelled the plane up 1000 feet, then it was glided down. It was then modified for a COX .049 gas motor to get the plane up. This plane was first introduced in 1992 it has an excellent glide ratio capable of aerobatic maneuvers unfortunately :-( it is no longer made by ESTES
A fine stable Canard design. Now I modify it one more time as an electric and I call it the CANARD-E.
You may need CAD software or a FREE viewer try this Design Tools.

  • Balsa fuselage - foam wings covered w/ balsa

  • 36" wingspan

  • 24" long

  • 28oz. complete

  • Speed 400 6V. motor

  • 15 amp ESC

  • Master Air crew 5-1/2" x 4 prop pusher

  • 8 cell 500AE battery pack




The Wonder by SIG was purchased because of the type of design. This fit well in my realm of concepts. A combat wing. I have not finished this plane because it inspired me to build a similar plane from which the KOMBATT was conceived. It was originally design for a .09 or .19 gas engine, but my plans is to outfit the plane with a .05 electric cam motor . I did have the Master Air crew geared folding prop mounted and radio then I borrowed it all for the Russian combat design and flew it. the pilot was not prepare for the type of speed and response this plane had. Since I was use to slow flyers only.

  • Balsa built-up

  • 37" wingspan

  • 24" long

  • 16oz. bare 


  • 500 cam motor geared 1:2

  • 20 amp ESC

  • Master Air Screw 10" x 4 prop

  • 8 cell battery pack


Thermal Charger

A kit by GM Precision Products, a sport glider pusher type.  I like pushers mainly because damage control there is less chance for the motor and prop being damage from rough landings.  This plane prove to be challenging to set up due to a "V" tail configuration. It is a simple plane to build and very well designed. There is plenty of room to fit in the hardware.

  • Balsa built-up

  • 50" wingspan

  • 32" long

  • 43oz. complete

  • Speed 600 6V. motor

  • 30 amp ESC

  • Master Air crew 8-1/2" x 4 prop pusher

  • 8 cell 500AE battery pack


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