A design influenced by an article I read on a Russian combat R/C planes.  The airfoil is symmetrical. A simple design using the Blended Wing Body (BWB) concept. My attempt to build a solid light structure that can take a beating and be maintained easily proven to be successful, I ended up with this. A fast maneuverable BWB concept, the KOMBATT





I first built this plane a few years back to have a sport plane that was simple tp fly and repair. The BWB concept is probably the best for this type of requirements, because the design is less complex and is more of a simple box design that has less that cam be broken. At the time getting into electric power and learning the process of building a plane with electric motors was a challenge. My first attempt was with some parts I used in an glider which I had converted to electric. The main source of motors where cam motors from RC cars. They are large and heavy and would require a larger scale plane to justify for the weight.  the outcome was a 40" wing span balsa build up. The motor was geared 2:1 with a 13 " folding prop and 7 cell. When I arrived in the field with this plane, all where eager to see it fly.  The maiden flight was an exhilarating experience sine I had no experience with speed before. This flew like a "bat out of hell" , I manage to get three flights out of it before pilot error on a turn which was to tight and the wind took me by surprise contributing to a crash.

It was a year later April 2003, when I decide to rebuild. The choice of size was based on the old mighty dollars, how much can I afford. I decided with the speed 400 class, witch meant up to 30" wing span using 8 cells.  Trying to fit all of this in a tight space and keep it light as possible was a challenge.

The plane was built. I had several successful flights. Sorry no pictures or videos, it is hard to have someone come along to do just that for you. The characteristics was fast and sensitive. Were you point is where it would go.  The repairs where minimal due to the solid construction, but it was heavy on landings with all the weight.  My flying skills needed more time to build up confidence with flying with speed, and this discourage me to fly this plane much. 

I gave up with this design due to too many broken props and bent motor shafts.

With new foam and brushless technologies I decide to revive the KOMBATT as a pusher Aril 2007.

This turn out to be a fun project. To implement new technologies with all I have learned about building with foam. This version is the most successful yet.  It has speed and able to fly slow as well due the the light weight construction.  The basic design remained the same. One component, the motor is a custom winding from a brushless motor kit. A good way to get introduces to brushless motors.  I was pleased with the results on the motor, providing with surplus power for the plane. In the setup process I reduces the control surface travel to 60% and this provided for a stable control less sensitive to hard movement and over correcting maneuvers.


You are welcome to use the CAD drawing it was created in 3D.   Click on the image to download



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