Here is the concept.

A single seat sport flier canard with forward sweep wing.

I have been working on this for some time and could not conclude the outcome. It is a collage from different design concepts of mine.   Originally, I started to build RC planes in 1985, and my first was my own design, an ambitious project, derived from an urge to fly my own design. Well… over the years I played with the idea and tried different things. This has emerged from all of those images, now a model. 

 The Origin of the DragonSleigh came fro the Dragon Moth. The sleigh part came from the Dragon Moth's bottom wing, here it grew some more doubling up as the sleigh. The name came from the sketch where the profile resembled a dragon head, hence the DragonSleigh.  This has now given away to a canard design with a fan, and The Seahawk also influenced this design. Using the profile of the new tail from the Seahawk and the DragonSleigh body a new DragonSleigh was conceived.

In Sep. of 2006 I revisited these concept in building a single ducked fan unit system. In the pictures above you may identify how the last version of the Seahawk tail came into play for the new tail of the DragonSleigh.


I also have been toying around with a new RC plane (Air Hogs Areo Ace by Spin Master ) and using it's components to build 10-12 inch (25cm) scale prototypes for glide capability. Remarkably this proved to be valuable. With limited controls (turning and elevating) I was able to configure the design into a working model. Several 10” prototypes where built working out the wing configuration. The outcome of the new design became uniquely interesting, many of the characteristics from all previous concepts where merged into one plane in this development. In attempt to simplify the model building technique, the inverted V tails was merged with the fuselage. This now converted the body into a wedge like shape much easier to build. Looking at the profile (section) you can identify the wing chord section (blue part) as the body, this contributes to lift. The new tail is an inverted "V" from the Ductlings to support the twin ducted system or single by placing the fan unit in the middle.

Gull winglet where added in the attempt to add more wing area. This began to look like a prehistoric creature Some of the influences where generated when sketching,.. With the mew wing configuration proved to add stability in the glide.  In the pictures above you see the last working version of this without the winglets.

Next build the 30” wing and test.

I entered the “FOAMIES (SCRATCH BUILD) contest” in RC GROOP forum, an opportunity to push the envelope in building my dream.  My skills are better when I take my time, but my impatience got the better of me.  Fortunate for me in this contest the design was conceived and needed only to be built. The model was built to work out the details for the new concept, it was modified to accommodate a pusher prop configuration under a new name as TooCan in the “FOAMIES (SCRATCH BUILD) contest”

Visit the forum for the details, I had fun with this.





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