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This page has my favorite resources and other interesting sites. All new discoveries are also added here.


Brand names, logos and trade marks are used for descriptive purposes only and remain the property of their respective owners. Their use by me does not imply endorsement nor associate me with the brand name owners.


Hobby Stores

HoBBY-LoBBY  offers R/C Model Airplanes, Boats, Helicopters mail-order store.
Tower Hobby R/C mail-order store and resource center. They cover a variety of interests.
eHobbies The new kid on the block has mail-order Yahoo WEB site with many popular brand names.
Hobby People R/C mails-order store and resource center. Cars, Planes, Boats, Trains, Die cast, Plastic Models...
New Creations R/C Electric planes and hard to get parts.
D&J Hobby   R/C - Trains - Models - Games - Crafts
Model section - Die cast - plastic models - Mini 4W racers

House of Balsa  Like the name says. Airplane Kit & accessories.

A2Z hobbies offers a variety of models and supplies. a large selection to choose from. Continually growing with new categories. Wooden model ships have been added.

  Uptown Sales  has models and supplies.

The Store Finder   Is like waking through a hobby mall with different type of hobby stores. Select the hobby you are interested in and then you will find a bulletin board, library with a wealth of information on the selected hobby along with searching for a listing by simply clicking on the state or country in which you wish to find the store.

Bagnalls Models is an on line hobby store located in the U.K.

Model Planes

  Your ZAGI A fun durable flying wing. Has a great archive on the Northrop Wing also a very cool site.
  RC soaring Pibros are cheap simple foam R/C planes used for fun or combat.
  ZAGI TRIX Home of zagi, with the foam wing.                                                                            
  Boomarang Home of the R/C Combat Wings.            
  Eagle Strike Productions   is the maker of high quality scale model aircraft decals.
  Bel'    offers water-slide inkjet decal paper kits containing all the necessary materials.
  BearAir    is a mail order company for airbrushes, accessories, equipment, paints, and supplies.

Model Ships


DENS MODEL SHIPS   scratch built ships beautifully done

Radio Control Boats - Browse our radio control boats category for buying model boats which includes the very latest production techniques and the very best of materials.


Ship Modelers' Forum Web Site  A highly recommended forum to join if you are a serious model ship builder.


Nature Coast Hobby Shop Ship model kits, tools, books and supplies.


Ships Locker   is an online catalog of quality nautical gift items, jewelry, and marine clothing for sailors, boaters, and yachting enthusiasts. Also model ships.

TALLSHIPS UNLIMITED   specializing in museum quality model ships and model boats from around the world.

Nautical Research Guild is an international organization of ship modelers, maritime artists, nautical archeologists and historians who are dedicated to enhancing the art and experience of ship modeling


 Copperfields   offers a variety of museum-quality woods and glass display cases.


 Old World Trading co.  specializes in museum quality model ships, glass display cases, custom ships made to order, accessories and tools.

  Across The Pond  is an on Line Catalog" of Ship Model Kits From World Famous, Import and Domestic Manufacturers and RC Models & Accessories.
  Model Ship Construction   is a great resource for model ship plans. 
  John's Nautical Links List   The Mother of All Maritime Links
  The Ship List  a great site to find some background about ships. Here I discovered the types of sails and there are many more bit of data to find.
Les Bateux Leclerc Inc.  A legendary model builder's product just recently submitted to the WEB.

Robots   Robots electronics and supplies. Kid stuff but educational.
  Hobbyist Robotics Pages  Link page to other
  Robot Store UK   Cools stuff !!!    totally on robots.
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