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I have been told that I have talent and should share my ventures with others. Grab a cup of tea / coffee pull up a chair and read a little bit about what some others do.


The way I see it, people without hobbies or interest are unhappy. Why would I think that? Remember this is only my opinion, and we all have those. Think of this, most people have interests and usually express themselves though one form or another, sports, art, dancing, crafts, hobbies... For example, one of my passions is flying. Presently, I can't afford a real plane so I go to the next best thing. Designing and building a scale remote control model plane that flies. Remote control airplanes are toys that imitate the full size planes, however much more affordable. Though my family would probably contest the meaning of "affordable". When I refer to my planes as toys, one may disagree because some of these (1/4 scale) planes, not mine, can be fairly large, having a 12 foot wing span, sometimes more. One would need a trailer to transport such a plane to the flying field.

There's a lot of good that comes from having a hobby.  The opportunity to express yourself to others with new concepts and artistic flair. You commute to different places and meet new people who have similar interests where in good company, you share your ideas and opinions, and learn from others experiences along with your own new ventures. A sense of belonging to a commonality and community, I think we all have that in us.

If we observe or listen to a person, probably a friend or relative,  without a hobby, they may reveal a feeling of emptiness, having no direction, like their drifting through life. A life without a dream, that may sound extreme, but could it be true? Please keep in mind, this is only my opinion and we all have those.  When I come home from work, my latest project awaits me. This rejuvenate me, with inspiring thoughts for my next move. I become absorbed in my hobby, or if you will, interest and dream pleasant dreams.

"Dreams make the world go round"     My dream

Dreams are what makes the world go round. However small the dream is, its yours. It may be the beginning of a project which could be your new hobby which needs a place and space to start. Where to start and how? Depending on the project, an outline of a plan or sketch is proposed, and then worked out. This may not occur in this fashion for some of you, with me it is my professional background as Designing Draftsman, it leads me this way. Some of you may compile a list of things to do or get. What ever your heart desires, the flow is about the dream you envision. As for the space you may require, depending on the interest/hobby, may I suggest the BENCH BUDDY, it can help you with organizing your tools and stock and also provide a place to work.

For some, it is a new interest and you have no clue as to where to start. So, some research is required like all new things. The WEB is full of answers and discoveries to explore. I hope that my experiences and my failures, yes failures, will help you get on the right track. The knowledge out there is enormous and available to all yearning to find it out. People like you and me who like to share our experiences and exchange ideas make this possible. I would like to hear from some of you, about you experiences and ventures.

You will find information on topics which particularly interest me. I do refer to other links that may be more thorough on certain topics. I am open to new interests for knowledge & curiosity. Please visit the topics that interest you and I hope it may help you with what you may be looking for. NOTE some pages contain many pictures and take time to download, I am working on reducing the download time. Thank you for your patience and happy hunting

Pierre J. Lindeman




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