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The environment

I'm in my room/office/design shop, a cavern of archives, here, a part of me, forever searching for new ideas and designs.

Picture this;

My room is small and comfortable. Painted a dark, pine tree green and the shelving is yellow pine wood. A place where I spend a lot of my time dreaming and creating my next projects.

On the west wall, is a small picture of my family who puts up with me,  and my My Hanger inventory a collection of remote control planes that I plan to fly, along with those I have flown. Those planes served me well with many pleasant memories. My life and hobbies.

Facing south, a large window with bookshelves on either side. Both shelves hold various reference books and family heirlooms. The window, a view to the out doors, where the sun beams in from morning to night. The blinds, are dark green are partly drawn down, pulling you back into the room. At the lower left of the window sill, are small wooden sculptures of various animals, horses, mountain assimilated pine tree, and a rough soap stone block, illustrating a rock cliff and some plants. It looks like a small garden of Eden. There is also a feel for back to nature, a small constructed wood cabin, some camping gear, an antique oil lantern, a drift wood sculpture and a carved half moon. The only thing missing is a camp fire. Looking out through the window onto my balcony, is my BENCH BUDDY. This is where my tools wait to assist me in creating my inventions and ideas. The solution to a limited working space, like having a work shop on wheels. Yes my workshop is outdoors in the summer, I like being outdoors. Back in the room at my door, looking at the south east corner ceiling of the room, are hanging models, one of the "Kitty Hawk" Wright brothers' historical flight, and a flying wing resembling the Horten flying wing, a technical leap for it's time. As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the power of flight. As a kid I always wanted to fly and it stuck with me. I've always dreamed of flying and I will, if it is the last thing I do.

My family and friends consider me an artist, as well as an inventor, a Mr. GAGET. There are reminders of my artistic ability on the shelves. One particular carving, I made for my wife for her birthday,  a "model horse", with moving parts to aid with posing as a model for drawing. I impressed myself, it looks good. It took me a couple of attempts to get it right, a bit persevered, succeeded. So I do plan to carve more horses. The tail finished with real horse hair, could also be done, with using rope. The effects are very different, yet both are appealing.

On the East wall, is the wall of learning, where magazines, catalogs, folders full of clippings, manuals, and office supplies. The top shelf has my entire paper files, plans and article cutouts I collected over the years, about tricks and tips on building planes. Also are "How to" books, from crafts to furniture building, and a collection of magazines, all in magazine boxes. There is a section with hard covered books, offering a wealth of knowledge,  ranging from various artists, old and new. Techniques on painting, drawing, the human and horse anatomy, clay and glazes... Shakespearean plays, poetry, psychology, philosophy... I would like to think,  I'm well balanced on a bit of all....Just not focused on one, but, there are two dreams.... Latter....

The north wall, this is where it all happens. A small room it is, only 10 feet across making this space more challenging to convert into useful office and bedroom space. This wall has two doors; one the gate way to my room, the other is the closet, a small one to say the least, in between is a shelf like unit modified to accommodate my work space/office. All together I think this room serves my purpose well, with the exception of a workshop. My computer, the ultimate  tool which assists me in building my dreams and keeps record of my plans. The computer is probably my second most favorite past time. And because of this, a new hobby has spawn,  my WEB PAGE.  Looking into building a web page and how to get it up and running it, a labor of love. It's wonderful doing something you love, and wanting to share it with everybody interested.  Hobby clubs are very much the same. You could say this is my private club where all can visit and see some of my projects and dreams in development.

There are three things in life I would like to possess.

  • A felicitous (Marked by good fortune) family life, memorable and healthy.

  • My dream house on some generous acreage.

  • To possess a flying machine and travel freely about.

"Converting a dream to reality"
Dreams, my dreams, I dream of building a house, that will reflect my personality. A mole house, where the back is faces the south to let the glorious sunlight in through a tall stain glass wall from an English garden greenhouse. The sunrises and dawns reflected on a small lake, with generous acreage on a beach front, with small (R/C) and large (4 seating) aircrafts. The main road entrance, a long narrow coble stone path, lined with tall popular three rout  toward a large circular fish pond where a bridge meets with a sunken stone arched entrance to my humble dwelling. All but an entrance, chimney and a skylight above the entrance is visible. The scenery is full of lush vegetation, and trees, not much of a house in sight, more like a hill over looking the small lake.  Stepping through the entrance would be like a cave, all stone foyer, directly across, are large wood curved panel doors, for the closet / storage space. On both sides of the foyer are steps leading down to the main room and beside those steps are large stone arches leading to the den/office/reception, and the other, to the master's room. First we will go down the stone steps leading into the large main room. Choosing the right side, the steps of large timber leading you around a large a mammoth stone fire place into the family room and kitchen all in one large open concept, with an old barn rustic feel to it, with balcony's on each side overlooking the main room. At the head of the room is a mammoth stone fire place, down the sides of it, are vines and running water along the stairway walls.   Looking up, the ceiling is made with large log planked beams and littered with skylights toward onto the English garden green house, separated by stained glass wall.    There is one special room, a cavern like recreation room the billiard room witch doubles as the dinning room when the table is covered. It resembles a dungeon. All stone, with one large porthole at one end, as a skylight though the outdoor fish pond. This room is located under the main entrance and court yard.       These are just some of the feature this dream is conceptualizing, and I want to keep dreaming more.

Ideally, this house would be self efficient.

  • Heated by high efficiency heat pump, assisted by a large stone fire place, also using sun light as an addition

  • Hot water supply heated by high efficiency heat pump assisted by the fire place, and also using sun light as an addition.

  • Cooling would be achieved by high efficiency heat pump, and many natural systems integrated within a solar energy home.  Using slate stone floors and subterranean water storage systems with a complex venting systems are some of the tools available.

  • Water source and filtration system, naturally assisted by cat tails in a trench system

  • electricity production is done in several ways. A wind mill and the other a creek with a small dam both turning a turbine, also solar panels, to generate power which is then fed to a battery storage system for use.  A gas turbine as backup.

  • A  Satellite dish for communication with phone, internet, and television.

The evolution of this dream is progressing slowly, with time, it will mature.


BetterFly  .... ~v~ ...  : )    Pierre Lindeman

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