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The Sail Ship that introduced me in this hobby

I was introduced to model ship building in a strange way. We move into a new apartment, and you know how some people leave thing behind. Well, guess what,  a partially built model ship, the NEWSBOY brigantine Boston 1854. A Canadian model kit from Les Bateux Leclerc St Jean Port Joli, P.Q. This model was,  I thought, to be fun and a challenge.   The remains where few and some parts where broken, adding to the challenge.   So, I decided to keep the model and attempt to finish it some day. After some time, we had settled in the new apartment a X-mass 1997 holiday, I pull out the box, and studied the tattered plans and remaining parts.   I assessed the damage and begun to make repairs. This was the beginning of my new found interests and when it was done it was not pretty. I kept it, and it sit on shelving as a tribute that I can do this.

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The Second Sail Ship reinforced my interest in continuing the hobby

Some year later for X-mass 1999 I rounded up my brothers to buy a model sail boat (The Blue Nose) by DIKAR for my father, since he dreams of owning a real sail boat some day,  the next best thing is a detailed model of one. He seemed amused and responded "this will keep me out of trouble". That summer my father was involved in a renovation project and was injured. In effect his vision has diminished considerably, and sadly he was unable to complete the model he had begun. A couple years went by. I visited my parents and came across the box of the Blue Nose looked it over, and thought to myself  " I can finish this !!! ". So I offered my father my services to complete the model, he agreed. I took the model home, that X-mass 2002 holidays I began making repair to the masts. The hull and the deck details where done, all there was left was the rigging. With the first model I tied the rigging using improper knots, so with this one I thought I would spend a little more time and learn some knots.  This proved to be useful in using  proper knots for the rigging.   I also replace all plastic part with wooden ones, like the tack block. I attempted making my own TACK BLOCKS, this was difficult at first until I found some books on the topic. I also mage my own BELAYING PINS using the drill pres as a lathe and using a file to shape the round tooth pick into shape, quite effective, as you can see them in this picture in detail.

By replacing the parts with miniature replication made the difference with the finished look. I took me three weeks to complete. Took at the way the rope is coiled. this was not easy, and takes patients, When I presented the boat to my father at our family's traditional new year dinner. My father's eyes where glued to the boat with intrigue. My impression would be that I must have done a good job. Now it is displayed proudly in his living room.



My First Sail Ship the INDEPENDENCE (1775)

Now, a couple years later I decided I'm going to make this tradition and build a ship each year around X-mass holidays. I bought my first ship the INDEPENDENCE (1775). A model ship by ARTESANIA LATINA made in Spain. I was very excited to begin work, and wanted to do the best detailed work possible.

Being the third model ship, I am able to make use of the lessons learned from the first two boats, how to rig masts, and some rigging. The woodwork is something new for me, since the last two ships i had done nothing with the hull. Out of the box, the hardware was far superior then first two boats. There where more detailed metal items for the finishing touch. All tack blocks are wood. The rope was made of scale like materials and color to enhance the scale authenticity of rigging. Again reviewing the materials in this box simply reinforced my desire to build this ship with the skill of a pro if possible. The tools required, play a big part in building a scale wooden model ship. I have put together a short list of basic tools needed to begin on the construction of the wooden model ship's hull.



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